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Father & Daughter

Do you find yourself:

 -  Constantly yelling?
 -  Repeating the same instruction?
 -  Arguing/negotiating with your child?
 -  Struggling to get through daily routines?
 -  Experiencing daily stress due to difficulty

     managing your child’s behaviors?

Does your child:

 -  Constantly seek attention?
 -  Annoy others on purpose?
 -  Lose his/her temper easily?
 -  Refuse to follow your instructions?
 -  Hit you or siblings?
 -  Destroy things?
 -  Have difficulty staying seated or

    taking turns?


PCIT is a research- based program for children ages 2-7, designed to enhance the quality of parent-child relationships and teach parents skills to successfully manage their child’s behaviors. PCIT is notably unique from other behavioral treatment approaches as parents are provided live coaching in order to respond effectively to every behavior in the moment that it occurs. Most importantly, PCIT is fun and enjoyable for both caregiver and child!

PCIT includes two phases:

1) Child-directed phase: Parents are taught how to interact and play with their children in a way that will teach them positive behaviors and strengthen the parent-child relationship.


2) Parent-directed phase: Parents learn specific discipline techniques to teach their children to obey directions and decrease problem behaviors that bother others.

Young Couple

While the PCIT program offers parent coaching, your child's age may not qualify for the program. If you are looking for help managing problematic behaviors at home, Novo can provide you with recommendations on effective ways to interact with, respond to, and guide your children, regardless of age, so that both parents and children can end their days feeling more connected and less stressed. Call or set up an appointment to learn more about these services! 

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