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Postdoctoral Fellowship

This position is for a full time postdoctoral fellow (PhD or PsyD) who will join as an independent contractor and work primarily in office with 1-2 days remotely if desired. The position includes a flexible autonomous work schedule with no set caseload requirements and the ability to prioritize preferred areas of interest. The fellow will be responsible for providing individual and/or family therapy and creating and implementing treatment plans for clients. The fellow will also be responsible for communicating with healthcare providers, documenting client progress in a timely manner, and scheduling follow up sessions with clients. A candidate with specialty interests and experience in treating anxiety disorders, disruptive behavioral disorders, or mood concerns would be an ideal fit. Training and supervision is offered if requested.

Abstract Background

Specialized Tracks

Because Novo therapists receive specific referrals for highly specialized skill sets, we are seeking postdoctoral fellows and therapists who have an identified area of expertise and desire to predominantly build a caseload within one or more of the following specialty area(s). 


Disruptive Behavioral Disorders Specialty

This position is primarily suited for those with a specialty in working with preschool age, elementary, and young adolescents with disruptive behavioral concerns. The ideal candidate will use behavioral treatment modalities to provide parent behavior management training, create effective behavioral interventions for children and families, and be familiar with or have had some training in utilizing parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT) for ages 2-7. Further training and consultation for those interested in PCIT are available. 


Anxiety Disorders/OCD Specialty

The ideal candidate will have strong interest and at least 2 years experience in treating generalized anxiety, social anxiety, OCD, phobias, and/or panic disorders. Experience with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure and response prevention (ERP), and/or acceptance and commitment therapy is strongly preferred. Training, consultation, and supervision are offered for those who do not have experience treating OCD but have strong interest. We receive many referrals for OCD concerns in all ages. The candidate for this position would ideally be able to see children, adolescents, and adults.


Teen Mood Disorders Specialty

This position is suited for those who are particularly interested in working with teens with mood disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, and high risk behaviors. In addition to depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, family issues, suicidal ideation, and social concerns, referrals for this position would include teenagers with ADHD who struggle with executive functioning, keeping up with school work, and staying engaged in academic goals. The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal skills, a combined humanistic and behavioral treatment approach, and clinical experience utilizing behavioral activation, interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills and/or acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

If this sounds like a good fit, please submit your CV and cover letter to
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