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CBT is a powerful evidenced based approach that targets the connection between core negative thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and experiences. As we experience an event, our minds elicit opinions/judgments about the event, creating a new association in the brain that may either be helpful or unhelpful. Novo helps individuals recognize how these associations, rules, or core beliefs, guide emotions and behavior, and vice versa. Together, we create goals for new behaviors, guided by values, that break negative core beliefs and strengthen areas of life that give the client purpose, connection, and/or a sense of accomplishment.

Core Principles of CBT

1. Psychological concerns are based, in part, on faulty ways of thinking

2. Psychological concerns are based, in part, on learned patterns of unhelpful behavior

3. People can learn better ways of coping with psychological concerns and live more fulfilling life

CBT for Behavioral Insomnia

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Poor quality of sleep can lead to daytime fatigue, attention problems, irritability, behavior concerns, and impairment in academic, social, and home functioning. Sleep troubles are often exacerbated by poor sleep hygiene, negative sleep onset associations, nighttime worries or fears, or sleep environment. It is important to first consult with a medical provider to rule out any medical concerns that may be contributing to sleep difficulties. Listed below are some common bedtime problems that Novo treats using cognitive behavioral therapy:


  • Difficulties falling asleep at night

  • Inability to fall asleep independently without parent presence

  • Bedtime stalling and protests

  • Frequent calling out or coming out of room before bed

  • Nighttime fears/anxiety

  • Frequent night wakings

  • Noncompliance with bedtime routine

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