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Stressed Woman

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), primarily used to treat OCD, incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) by first recognizing how an unwanted and repetitive thought increases anxiety and results in an urge to perform a behavior (or compulsion). This behavior often provides short-term relief from anxiety. however, over time compulsions only reinforce anxiety and increase problematic symptoms associated with OCD.


ERP involves identifying the compulsive cognitive or behavioral habit, and instead systematically “preventing” the habitual response through challenges called “exposures.” Novo works with each client on developing a well-planned hierarchy that starts with the least anxiety-provoking challenges and slowly increases in intensity. Novo's clients are in full control of the process and must agree to each challenge before starting. After completing ERP, clients typically regain control of their lives and are able to make decisions without the dreaded anxiety, urgency, or sense of desperation that was once all-encompassing. 

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