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Receiving her Masters in Clinical Social Work at the University of Minnesota 

Alanah is pursuing her Master of Social Work at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Alanah is an advanced standing student and is specializing in Clinical Mental Health. Alanah has been working alongside Child Protection with Hennepin County for the last two years. She has experience as a Mental Health Practitioner at a non-profit organization in Moorhead, Minnesota. In this position she worked with children and families to build behavioral skills and facilitated children's day treatment. Alanah is committed to maintaining a client-centered space that is safe and goal oriented. Alanah strives to provide a non-judgmental setting where clients can feel comfortable to be vulnerable and share their stories. Alanah brings empathy and humor into sessions, which help foster healthy and trusting theraptuetic relationships.  


Receiving supervision from Katie Johnson, MA, LPCC 

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